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Internal alignment is the way to the right impact.
This is what boosts every day in my professional and private environment.Engineer from education, I entered the Healthcare environment in a Global Corporate Company as a Field Service Engineer. I took my first leadership role 5 years later. During the next 10 years, my teams grew in terms of size and diversity.

Then I joined the Leadership Team in the role of Human Resource Director during 8 years.

I deployed my talent to play in the zone where relations fuel inspiration and learnings for bigger impacts.

Today, as a Leadership Sparring Partner, I get my energy from being your personal coach, team facilitator or/and trainer. I bring the impulsion which accelerates you and your teams towards your goals.

My mission is to get you to the space of freedom, where you are yourself and deploy your talents.

Think big, reflect and act smart is the way to freedom.
Christophe Becquart

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what i do

Personnal Coach
(ICF certified)

Feel like not moving forward, or not fast enough?
Confused by the complexity of choices, too many dependencies?
You are on a journey (professional or private) and look for someone to reflect on it?

My ability to get you aligned with yourself will bring you this unique feeling of empowerment & freedom, 
moving towards your objective will become a nice journey where in a few sessions you will discover yourself and gain self-confidence.

How to start?
Our first free and non-binding session is aimed to get to know each other, define our coaching mission.
After you signed the coaching agreement, we fix our next appointments, typically in a frequency of 2 to 6 weeks. 

I can offer several location options, remote session makes everything possible. You can choose to be coached in English, French or Dutch as I am trilingual.

Coaching is about investing in yourself, let’s get in touch.

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Team Dynamics & Organisation Culture Transformation programs

Forming a new team, want to make it a solid and resilient?
Do you believe that there is more potential in your team?

Decision making, ownership, authenticity, humanity, ambition, fun... could be improved?

By investing in your team dynamics, you impact your whole department/company culture for improvement on people and business.

With a unique combination of focussed team meeting facilitation in your day to day, communication & team dynamic awareness training around a simple model, and personnal coaching, we design a customised program that brings the team to the next level.

We first will create transparency on the current beliefs and behaviours in the team that make the current dynamic.

Then, we facilitate a workshop where the team defines what needs to be kept and those who needs to evolve to secure the success of the team, department/company.

To adopt those new set of believes and behaviours and transform your team dynamic, we facilitate your team meetings in your company.    By practicing our simple model that shift your communications exchanges from judgment to learnings. Your team has also access during the whole program to personnal coaching sessions delivered by a team of professionnel coaches we selected together to match your team.

At the anchoring session, you and your team will realise the level of autonomy of the team reached by strenghts build by each
making the team evolving the  of the whole department/company.

With this unique combination of ressources delivered by a dedicated team of professional coaches (ICF certified), you will be amazed by the energy ramp-up bringing your whole organisation to the next level, set up for people and business success.

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